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AAWP Newsletter Spring 2017

AAWP Newsletter Fall 2017

President's Message

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer. It was great seeing you at the APMA National Scientific meeting in Nashville this July. The AAWP had a strong presence. The exhibitor booth was run by our members which was a huge success.  We had many visitors which yielded new members, scholarship donations and our raffle prize winner, Dr. Stephanie Hook won an Amazon Echo Dot..  The AAWP also had its own speaker’s track for the 3rd year in a row. This year our presentation was on the First Metatarsal Phalangeal Joint: Achieving Better Outcomes. This included morphology, gender difference, biomechanics, orthotics, ulcerations, wound care, emerging surgical techniques, surgical complications and case presentations.

Following this, we had our annual membership meeting sponsored by our corporate sponsor, Smith & Nephew.  Thank you to the guest speaker and member, Dr. Barbara Ung for her presentation. Thank you to both for your involvement.

Pictured (from left to right) Dr. Aparna Duggirala- Immediate Past President, Dr. Alison Garten- President, Dr. Heather Rafal- Secretary, Dr. Jennifer Spector-2nd Vice President, Dr. Erika Schwartz- Scientific Chair and Dr. Karen Langone- 1st Vice President, (not pictured: Dr. Elizabeth Daughtry- treasurer).

Pictured (from left to right) Dr. Aparna Duggirala- Immediate Past President, Dr. Alison Garten- President, Dr. Heather Rafal- Secretary, Dr. Jennifer Spector-2nd Vice President, Dr. Erika Schwartz- Scientific Chair and Dr. Karen Langone- 1st Vice President,  (not pictured: Dr. Elizabeth Daughtry- treasurer).

New AAWP Committee Positions

We are happy to announce two new non-board positions that have been added to assist in our effort to continue to work with our student chapters and assist in the recruitment process. We are forming new committees so if you are interested please contact us about how to get involved.

1) Dr. Jaclyn Marino will be our National Student Chapter Coordinator. She will be coordinating and keeping track of demographic changes in Student Chapters, managing renewal of charters, and keeping lines of communication open between Student Chapters and the national organization.

2) Dr. Sabrina Minhas will be our National Recruitment Ambassador. Her responsibilities include research, identifying contact information for female podiatry school faculty at all Podiatry Schools nationwide and reaching out to these faculty members in an effort to recruit for membership within AAWP.

Founders Scholarships Winner

We are happy to announce the 2017 AAWP Founder’s Scholarship Winners. Thank you for your donations to this important mission to continue to support and grow our future female leaders in our profession. 

1) Kimberly Inocco - Kimberly is a student at NYCPM and is the President of the AAWP student chapter. She is the treasurer of the Student Association at her school and mentors with the Big Sister Program. Her academic participation includes teacher assistant for Lower Extremity Anatomy and tutor for biochemistry and Physiology.  In addition, she serves as the Education committee liaison for the Medical Ethics & Art for Doctoring Course. For the upcoming year as President of AAWP student chapter at NYCPM, she has planned biopsy and Athletic taping workshops and is collaborating with Care for the Homeless.  She also has an excellent academic record.

2) Dong Yu - Dong is a student at TUSPM and the Vice President of AAWP student chapter.  She is an ambassador of Winter Internship Program and consultant for Xinmiao Scoliosis Prevention Center in China.  For the upcoming year as a board member of AAWP student chapter at TUSPM she is involved a 5K run for Breast Cancer.  She is a member of the Sterling-Harford-DiPrimio Honorary Anatomical Society.  She also has an excellent academic record.

3) Laura-Ashley Przondo-Laura-Ashley is a student at Western University of Health Sciences, College of Podiatric Medicine and the President and Founder of the AAWP student chapter.  She has coordinated lectures on success in podiatry and career advancement as well as skills workshops for her chapter.   For the upcoming year, she will be coordinating community service activities and fundraising to provide student scholarships.  She is SGA class representative and volunteers podiatry and medical clinics with Pomona Community Health, Action Team, Happy Feet, Care Harbor, Special Olympics and local churches.  She also has a strong academic record. 

4) Rowan Mahmoud- Rowan is a student at New York College of Podiatric Medicine and the AAWP student liaison for the APMSA.  She has revived this position and hopes to facilitate the communication between the students and the national organization. She is also the Public Relations Chair for APMSA and will be launching their website in September. She is involved with Big Sister/Big Brother Program and Student Ambassador at NYCPM. In addition, she volunteers at foot screenings, involved with research at NYCPM’s neuroscience research lab and tutors students in physiology.  She also has a strong academic record.

AAWP Scientific Conference

Dr. Elizabeth Bass is busy planning the next AAWP scientific conference at the Wild Dunes Resort in Isle of Palms, Charleston, SC May 4-6, 2018 . You will be receiving more details soon on how to register and reserve your spot at the conference.  Please mark your calendar and register ASAP.

Social Media Campaign

The social media campaign continues to be spear headed by Dr. Jennifer Spector, Co-Vice President with the goal to promote interaction between members on a regular basis while providing continuous exposure of AAWP. If you are not a member of AAWP’s Facebook page please join now. It offers communication including member spotlights and promotion of our current members in the media. Please let us know if you have recently given a presentation, been in the media or been published. We would like to let our other members know!


We are still looking for corporate and conference sponsors.  If you have a company you think is interested in partnering with AAWP please email Dr. Karen Langone at


We have a classifieds section on our website.  If you are member and would like to post something including job openings, sell office equipment, etc. then email go to the AAWP and click classifieds on how to post an item.

If you are not currently following AAWP on Facebook please do so or ask us how.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the board members with ideas, questions and comments. 

2018 AAWP Scientific Conference

As our President Dr. Garten mentioned, the AAWP is busy planning the next AAWP Scientific Conference. Registration is currently open and can be found on our website via clicking here.

AAWP 2018 Scientific Conference

Western University

Continuing Podiatric Medical Education conference provided by Western University
College of Podiatric Medicine, an approved sponsor of podiatric medical education programs.

May 3-6, 2018
Wild Dunes Resort at Isle of Palms, SC

Wild Dunes Resort at Isle of Palms, SC

Enjoy miles of white sandy beaches with scenic sand dunes, multiple pools, award-winning golf and tennis, bike rentals, a serene spa and more located at the Wild Dunes Resort. The perfect spot for a conference, a family vacation or weekend getaway, Wild Dunes Resort offers our attendees multiple attractions and activities in a remote location. Located at the northern tip of Isle of Palms, SC the resort is only 30 miles from the charm and grace of historic downtown Charleston, SC.

The didactic portion of the conference will encompass up to 15 CECH in a relaxed, beachside setting. Premier podiatric speakers will be featured covering a range of engaging topics. Later afternoons and evenings will be reserved for leisure and enjoyment with your colleagues, friends, and family. We encourage you to check out our website and Facebook for up-to-date information.

AAWP members
$225 “Early Bird” before 2/14/18
$250 Regular Registration 2/14/18 through 4/1/18
$300 after 4/1/18

$375 “Early Bird” before 2/14/18
$400 Regular Registration 2/14/18 through 4/1/18
$450 after 4/1/18

Residents $75

Students $50

Registration forms must be completed and all payments must be received by April 1, 2018
or will be subject to additional cost

Wild Dunes Resort at Isle of Palms, SC

Hotel Reservations

Wild Dunes Charleston's Island Resort - Click Here!

* If making hotel reservations over the phone, please be sure to mention AAWP or American Association for Women Podiatrists to get our special discounted room rate.

Wild Dunes Resort at Isle of Palms, SC   Wild Dunes Resort at Isle of Palms, SC

AAWP Members in the News

NY Podiatrist Discusses Prevention of Blisters

These fluid-filled bumps of skin “can literally stop people in their tracks, even professional athletes,” says podiatrist Karen A. Langone, DPM, of Southampton, NY, a past president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. “They can be incredibly painful.” And if not treated properly, they can lead to infections.

How to prevent: Start with moisture-wicking athletic socks (avoid cotton), ideally socks that are seamless to avoid rubbing, Dr. Langone says. And make sure your sneakers or walking shoes don’t squeeze your feet or create friction. “When you buy them, there should be a thumb’s width of space between your big toe and the front of the shoe,” she says.

Source: PM News August 09, 2017 #5,988

Karen A. Langone, DPM

Boots are a Good Option for Those with Weak Ankles: FL Podiatrist

The good news is that because a boot offers support on both sides, these are a great option for people who have weaker ankles but still want the height, says Pensacola, Florida podiatrist Grace Torres-Hodges, DPM, a spokesperson for the APMA.

Sizes can be different across brands, so if possible, Torres-Hodges recommends buying two or three pairs of the same shoe online and trying them home at the end of the day when feet are typically their biggest. Though this sounds excessive, she notes that many online stores have generous return policies, since they expect buyers to do this.

Source: PM News August 29, 2017 #6,002

Grace Torres-Hodges, DPM

Dry, Flaky Feet Could Indicate Thyroid Problems: IL Podiatrist 

If you have dry, flaky feet, it could be thyroid problems, especially if moisturizer doesn’t help. When the thyroid gland (the butterfly-shaped gland in the base of your neck) goes on the fritz, it doesn’t properly produce thyroid hormones, which control metabolic rate, blood pressure, tissue growth, and skeletal and nervous system development.

“Thyroid problems cause severe dryness of the skin,” says Marlene Reid, DPM, a foot specialist in Naperville, Illinois. “When we see cracking on the feet, or if moisturizer doesn’t improve dryness over a few days, we usually refer patients to their primary doctor to make sure their thyroids are okay.” Brittle toenails can also signal thyroid complications.

Source: PM News August 25, 2017 #6,000

Marlene Reid, DPM


Thank you to our sponsors!

American Association for Women Podiatrists, Inc.

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