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AAWP Newsletter Fall 2015  


President's Message

Several years ago, I read a book that is now, in some ways, a cultural phenomenon called Lean In. I started to read the book to find answers as to how I can maintain a home/work life balance; but, instead, found out that I was one of those that was cultivating gender bias within myself. I’ve always believed that once you have a child or children that our career must take less of a priority. But I have realized after reading this book that there are no rules that we as women have to follow. We as women sometimes create our own barriers that first we ourselves need to break down.

What is most important is that we live the life that fulfills us to be the best that we can be. If you have children or not, if you are married or not, we will all achieve our dreams and our aspirations in our own individual ways. As a group that makes up half the population of this world, we should not be expected to be the same or to mimic each other. We should celebrate our differences and provide a supportive foundation for each other. This has always been my vision for AAWP and it is more so now than ever before.

Aparna Duggirala, DPM
AAWP President

APMA National 2015

AAWP had a strong presence at the 2015 APMA National Scientific Conference in Orlando, Florida. The Orlando World Marriott had AAWP members doing fantastic things, from the exhibit hall, to the lecture hall and beyond. Our own board members presented an AAWP Small Group Discussion, "Achieving Better Outcomes: The Unique Biomechanical, Medical and Hormonal Considerations In Female Patients" to a packed room with lively and positive discussion afterwards.

Our Annual Meeting took place after an informative educational session with Smith and Nephew regarding Wound Healing techniques by our own Dr. Alison Garten. Members and prospective members both enjoyed learning more about this important topic. During our annual meeting, we discussed future events with AAWP, including our 2016 Scientific Conference (see below for more details), a possible Residency Outreach Program piloting next year in a few local areas, and possible involvement with a future APMA HOD resolution to further examine the options for "part time" membership definitions. Our current board was also re-elected to their previous positions for another one year term. Thank you to all who attended and we sincerely hope you had an informative and productive conference! Please check out our website for more photos and information!


Getting to Know Our Members - Melissa Lockwood, DPM

Melissa J. Lockwood, DPM, FACFOAM

Years in practice:

Location of Practice:
Bloomington, Illinois

Type of practice (solo, group, etc):
Solo - looking for another to join us though!

Best part of being a DPM:
I enjoy the business opportunities afforded to us as podiatrists. We are able to have flexible patient care hours to maintain our family needs, while also treating a wide variety of lower extremity disorders.

Most challenging part of being a DPM:
Navigating the insurance reimbursement minefield.

How do you structure your practice/professional life to try to achieve work/life balance? What has worked and not worked for you in this pursuit?
I put my family first, always. My time in the office is set and also flexible; so that if my daughter is ill or has an event, I can focus on being her mom (which is my favorite job!). I think, as I started the practice, I put too much emphasis on finishing just "one more thing" and it kept me from being home. I have since redirected my focus and mindset and am MUCH happier.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Female DPMs in particular at this time?
Parity amongst our male counterparts. Being valued as a integral member of a patient's health care team.

What unique characteristics or traits do you think female DPMs bring to our profession?
Compassion and empathy. We inherently care so much about our patients - and are freely willing to embrace that nurturing behavior.

What is your favorite aspect of AAWP?
I LOVE the conferences at spa locations!

What would you like to see AAWP do/address in the future?
Continue to be present on a national level and advocate on our behalf.

What else would you like us to know about you?
As I mentioned, my favorite "job" is being a wife and mom. I love that our profession has afforded me the opportunity to do that to the best of my ability.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor......

Smith and Nephew is proud to announce the results from a new clinical study that was recently published in Advances in Wound Care. The article, by Cazzell et al, “The management of diabetic foot ulcers with porcine small intestine submucosa tri-layer matrix: a randomized controlled trial,” shares the findings from a 16-week, randomized, parallel-group, open-label, multicenter (11 centers) study that evaluated clinical outcomes of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) in patients who received OASIS® Ultra Tri-Layer Matrix (n= 41) compared with those who received standard care (n= 41). Although there were several endpoints in the study, the primary endpoint was the proportion of patients who had complete ulcer closure over the 12-week treatment period. In this study, ulcer closure was defined as 100% reepithelialization, no drainage, and no need for a dressing.

In order to ensure that patients in the standard group received the most appropriate treatment for their particular wound, investigators selected the treatments their patients in the standard care group would receive. Choices included silver dressing, manuka honey, alginate dressing, wet-to-dry, and hydrogel. It should be noted that neither group could undergo enzymatic debridement or receive growth factors, skin equivalents/dermal substitutes, topical antibiotics, or hyperbaric/negative pressure therapies. Patients in both groups were provided with an offloading device that they were required to wear.

Throughout the study, OASIS® Ultra Tri-Layer Matrix demonstrated early, sustained, and significant reductions in wound area, and closed 69% more DFUs than standard care by Week 12 (54% with OASIS® Ultra Tri-Layer Matrix vs 32% with standard care; P= 0.021). Of wounds achieving closure, OASIS® Ultra Tri-Layer Matrix closed them a median of 2 weeks earlier than standard care. In fact, OASIS® Ultra Tri-Layer Matrix was better than standard care in terms of proportion of ulcers closed and percent change in ulcer area for all time points studied through Week 12.

© 2015 Smith & Nephew, Inc. All rights reserved. OASIS is a registered trademark of Cook Biotech, Inc. TM1987-0515

Save The Date - Join us in Naples next year!

AAWP Scientific Conference 2016
Naples, Florida

The American Association for Women Podiatrists is pleased to announce the return of its Scientific Conference October 21-23, 2016. This dynamic conference will offer up to 15 CECH with renowned speakers in a relaxed setting at the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club in Naples, Florida. This next conference will again feature our Welcome Reception and President’s Luncheon for attendees.

Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club showcases seven miles of white sand beaches, an award-winning golf course, idyllic spa and beachfront restaurants. All conveniently located near Naples’ famous Fifth Avenue shopping and dining district.

For more information in participating in the conference, contact Dr. Jennifer Spector, Conference Chair, at For speaker information, contact Dr. Erika Schwartz at And for exhibitor information, contact Dr. Alison Garten at

Scholarship Winners Announced

The American Association for Women Podiatrists is proud to announce our 2015 Founders Scholarship winners.

Megan Allen is a student at CCPM. She is currently the Event Coordinator for the AAWP Student Chapter and contributed to the organization of the school-wide banquet, and AAWP student Chapter volunteers at Susan G Komen Race for the Cure and the Nike Women's Marathon.

Sophia DiRusso is a student at KSUCPM and is the Director of Local Affairs. In this capacity, she organizes a Red Cross blood drive and also partakes in AAWP Student Chapter's volunteering to provide podiatry care to indigent patients. 

Mara Kennedy is a student at TUSPM. She is the current President of the AAWP Student Chapter. Dress for Success participation is a major initiative of the chapter. 

Lacy Beth Peck is a student at CCPM. She is the current President of the AAWP Student Chapter and prior to this was the Workshop Coordinator for the chapter. She has participated in many Student Chapter activities, including Banquet and Dinner Panel, and volunteered at the Nike Women's Marathon, Race for the Cure and Napa Valley Marathon.

Congratulations to our Founders Scholarship Winners!

Think your knowledge and experience could enhance the lives and practices of female podiatrists? Contact Dr. Jennifer Spector, AAWP Secretary at for more information.

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