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AAWP Scientific Conference 2013
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Spa Conference                                                  Fall 2012

AAWP SPA Conference 2013
AAWP Scientific Conference 2013
April 26-28
Biltmore Resort
Coral Gables, FL

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  President's Message

The Return of the AAWP Spa Conference

Erika Schwartz, DPM AAWP PresidentUpon completion of my residency training in 2005, I quickly became involved with the American Association for Women Podiatrists. I was lucky to become acquainted with members like Jane Andersen, Marlene Reid, and Sheryl Strich at an APMA Public Relations training in Washington DC where I lived and was about to sign a contract and accept a job. These women wasted no time giving me advice that directly impacted what I demanded change in my contract and what my expectations professionally would be. I have since found this group as a forum to mentor (and be mentored) as well as collaborate with others, but the place to really meet and have that exchange has been lacking. I saw pieces of it while attending the AAWP Annual Meetings held at the APMA National Conferences and at the AAWP Women’s Forums at the HOD. But again and again I heard so many long-time AAWP members talk about the amazing time they had shared at the AAWP Annual Spa Conferences. As a board member since 2007, I could understand why the conference had been suspended after the one in 2005 at the Broadmoor. The amount of time and effort that goes into planning such an event is overwhelming for a group without an executive director and led by a board of women working, caring for families, and volunteering their time. But as conversations about it continued, the current board realized the need to have this tradition return could not be ignored. In some ways it is funny that this board has only one member who ever attended one of the conferences. But it speaks to the way we have always heard about the conference from members who continue to share their memories of it.

So it is with great pleasure that I share with you information about the 2013 AAWP Spa Conference, to be held at the Biltmore Resort in Coral Gables, Florida, April 26-28! Planning is underway in full force, led by our Conference Chair Aparna Duggirala. Scientific Chair for the conference is Kathleen SaOerfield, and Alison Garten is working with all of our corporate sponsors. Included will be a wine reception, a luncheon to honor past presidents of AAWP, up to 15 CECCH, and plenty of time to enjoy the world renowned spa. And registration is already open-visit to sign up online. I am so excited to attend my first AAWP Spa Conference and hope to be able to meet with much of the current AAWP membership there. If you attended prior to 2005, it’s time to return. And if you are like me and haven’t been before, it is time to become part of this AAWP tradition.

Erika Schwartz, DPM
AAWP President

 AAWP Annual Meeting

The annual AAWP meeting was held during the APMA meeting in Washington, DC on August 17, 2012 at the Cafe Paradiso.

The new slate of officers was voted in:

Erika Schwartz, DPM - President
Alison Garten, DPM, CPed - Co-Vice President
Aparna Duggirala, DPM - 2nd Vice President
Elizabeth Bass, DPM - Secretary
Karen Langone, DPM - Treasurer
Sheryl Strich, Immediate Past President

Speaker, Lawrence Harkless, DPM spoke to the group about Diabetic ulcers.

The meeting was sponsored by Organogenesis.

Marlene Reid, DPM, represented APMAPAC.

We were also joined by APMA Past President, Harold Glickman, DPM.

 AAWP Scientific Conference 2013

April 26 - 28 • Biltmore Resort • Coral Gables, Florida

AAWP SPA Conference 2013

The AAWP Spa Conference is back by popular demand. We are excited to announce that the Biltmore Resort in Coral Gables, Florida will be the location fo the Spa Conference. The AAWP Board has been diligently for the past year organizing the conference, from the careful selection of the location to coordinatsing a well-rounded speaker panel. We look forward to seeing our members.

For more information about the conference you can refer to the website, or contact the conference chair, Dr. Aparna Duggirala at

AAWP SPA Conference 2013


  • Enjoy didactic lectures in a relaxed setting
  • UP to 15CECCH
  • Renowned Speakers
  • Welcome Reception
  • Presidents Luncheon

  Western University


The Biltmore, a four-diamond hotel, showcases championship golf, cosmopolitan dining, a luxury spa and the finest accommodations. The resort also offers amenities such as drop-off program for kids, culinary classes, tennis and much more. It has been a favorite of world leaders, celebrities and sports stars since opening in the 1920's. The resort is set on a lush and tropical landscape in the exclusive Coral Gables area, minutes from world class shopping, South Beach, downtown Miami, and Coconut Grove. Rooms at the conference rate are limited, so please reserve your room early.

Room Rate: Queen/Double $259
includes 10% discount on all Spa Treatements

1) Calling: 305-445-1926 or toll free 877-576-0793 - Group Name: American Association of Women Podiatrists and reference code 3316

2) E-mail:; reference code 3316

3) Hotel website:; Guest must enter group code 3316 and password 36915

Member Benefits:

As an AAWP member, conference registgration is $250. The rate per CCECH is one of the lowest compared to most podiatric conferences. In addition, it's less expensive to join then attend the conference as a non-member.

The conference also gives our members opportunity to join the speaker panel. Our speakers have lectured locally in the their communities as well as on a national level at the APMA National Conference. If interested in being on the speaker panel, please contact Dr. Kathy Satterfield at

For exhibor information please contact Dr. Alison Garten at

Conference Chair: Aparna Duggirala, DPM
Scientific Chair: Kathy Satterfield, DPM

 2012 Women's Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our 2012 AAWP women’s scholarship winners! With so many talented students of podiatric medicine submitting applications this year, the field was truly tough to decide upon for the board of the American Association of Women Podiatrists. 

But these four women’s scholarship winners have clearly demonstrated why they are winners. These soon-to-be podiatric physicians will surely leave their mark on foot health as the talented podiatrist each of them will no doubt become.

2012 AAWP Founder’s Scholarship Recipients:

Samantha Price - Arizona School of Podiatric Medicine at Midwestern University As Vice President of her chapter of AAWP, Samantha (with the club President) organized a Susan G. Komen team entitled “Ultimate DeFeet” with each member raising at least $2300 for breast cancer research and participating in the 3 day walk.  To reach this goal, she put together multiple fundraisers including a book sale on campus and a charity dance event.  Samantha has interests in both sports and working with children and has been able to combine the two with her training by conducting foot screenings at local Special Olympics events. 

Melissa Curry - Arizona School of Podiatric Medicine at Midwestern University As President of her AAWP chapter, Melissa (with her Vice President) organized “Ultimate DeFeet” and put together a crab feast to help raise the required minimum $2300 per walker on the team.  She coordinated “Team AAWP” to participate in the Scottsdale Women’s Half Marathon and an informational booth with foot screenings at the ADA Walk/Tour de Cure.  With a passion for community service, she has found time to volunteer at homeless shelters and Special Olympics events while in school. 

Melinda Bowlby - California School of Podiatric Medicine at Samuel Merritt University As president of the CSPM chapter of AAWP, Melinda focused on informational events for all students.  She organized a panel luncheon where five female podiatrists shared their personal experiences and struggles.  She held a workshop on sexual harassment, which explored issues in the medical workplace both between students and faculty/attendings, as well as interactions with patients.  Melinda’s AAWP student chapter also held a sock drive with donations going to San Francisco’s Project Homeless Connect.

Nadia Sadeghi - Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University As president of the Scholl chapter of AAWP, Nadia organized a fundraiser (selling mugs) that raised over $1500.  This money enabled her chapter to send two members to the 2011 APMA Annual Scientific Conference in Boston to attend the National AAWP meeting and assist at the AAWP informational booth.  Her AAWP chapter also raised funds to sponsor and manage the Scholl lady’s basketball team.  Nadia took her commitment to woman in medicine one step further by collaborating with the American Medical Women’s Association at Rosalind Frankin University so that together they could organize community service projects and multiple fundraising events.

Support the Scholarship Endowment Fund!

Help support students studying podiatric medicine with our scholarship fund. Your donation to the AAWP Scholarship Endowment Fund will help provide the financial support a deserving podiatric medicine student needs to help complete their degree. Your contribution directly adds to the AAWP Women’s Scholarship.

 Thoughts From a Podiatric Public Health
 Perspective on ACA and Health Reform

Janet Simon, DPMI am writing this from the annual APHA meeting where over 12,000 public health and APHA members have gathered luckily in San Francisco where the Giants’  World Series win is definitely being celebrated and the disaster that Sandy has wrought is being closely tracked.  A few of AAWP  members  are aware of podiatry's importance in our country's public heatlh workings and fewer unfortunately are aware of the Podiatric Health Section of the American Pulbic Health Association (APHA). I know this to be fact for I have been involved in leadership positions for podiatric  public health for over a decade and the level of awareness  of podiatry's importance in the public health field remains low. I continue to be hopeful especially with the demonstrated increased interest and recogniton by our podiatric medical students, residents, younger practitioners and APMA of the need for podiatry to be actively involved in the public heatlh world where our nation's health  is being actively discussed and formulated.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is celebrated by the public health profession and APHA as a major legislative victory seen on a similar elevation as the passage of Social Security and Medicare legislation. ACA is not seen as perfect legislation by public health leaders nor by myself,  but the basic core values of creating health equity and ensuring affordable access to health and health care has been given an infant's body that is expected to grow and develop over time. As many of us know, ACA has its opponents and is a political football that will continue to be thrown in various directions. (Since I'm writing this prior to election day, the exact direction this football is headed is definitely up in the air.) The areas of health reform that cannot be refuted is that the focus on wellness and prevention makes sense and saves cents in the long term. Preventative services are now available to Medicare beneficiaries, preexisting conditions for children are not legal barriers to  obtaining health insurance coverage and for many young adults under the age of 26, health insurance coverage is extended to them. The increased monies that ACA has funneled into community health clinics in 2011 saw their ablity to nearly double the number of patients that were seen in fiscal year 2011. All of these  provisions indisputedly are the right thing to do. 

As we know ACA is on a time line and beginning in 2013 new funding is available to state Medicaid programs that cover preventive services for little or no cost to patients.  In 2014, most individuals will be required to obtain basic insurance coverage or pay a penalty with incomes up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level. It's clear that this expansion of health care has work force ramifications: Who  will be available to provide these services?  As many of us already are aware, first level or primary care providers are in short supply and the future does not show huge increases in our medical student populations.

I welcome expansion of coverage with hopes that the increased numbers of individuals that I know from personal experience have been showing up with fetid feet in my local ER might be able to access care in other venues to prevent these life changing events such as limb loss . Podiatry will have expanding roles  but not without being diligent and making sure we’re at the tables where policy is being made. Our participation in organizations such as APHA, ADA, Vascular and Health Equity coalitions among others are critical for getting the correct information found in studies such as Thomson-Reuter and Duke into policymakers’ hands prior to policies being drafted. 

APMA has identi fied the importance of public health policy and is funding our profession’s Public Health Fellowship at The Dartmouth Institute. Dyane, Tower, DPM is our first Public Heatlh Fellow and applications will be accepted for the 2013-2013 Public Heallth Fellow through mid-December 2012. I encourage AAWP members who work with residencies to spread the word of this opportunity to our young members or even our seasoned ones who have an interest in pursuing their MPH degree in an intensive one year on-site program at Dartmouth.

In closing, the infant we know as ACA will be developing and changing for all participants in health care. Just like the nature of toddlers, there will be very beneficial provisions of ACA and not so good ones. The public health field is a parental influence who wants the best  health for all - similar to what podiatry wants, too. 

 A Word From Our Sponsors....

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As you know, I frequently ask you to contribute to the APMAPAC each year.  Some of you have already contributed this year (THANK YOU!!), but most of you have not.  I wanted to make sure that you understand what APMAPAC is and why giving is crucial for you as a podiatrist and for your profession.

What is APMAPAC?

The APMA Political Action Committee (APMAPAC) is a nonprofit, bipartisan fundraising committee through which podiatrists support federal candidates who champion our issues before the US Congress.
APMAPAC neither determines the issues to be addressed on behalf of the profession, nor lobbies Congress on those issues. That is the role of APMA's Legislative Committee, Board of Trustees, and Legislative Advocacy Department.  APMAPAC's role is to support candidates seeking Congressional office in the US House and Senate.

Who Receives APMAPAC Support?

Funds collected by APMAPAC are in turn contributed to Congressional candidates who are selected without regard to political party. Only candidates seeking a seat in the US House or Senate may be recipients of APMAPAC's funds. Candidate support is based on:

  1. A candidate's position on issues
  2. A candidate's congressional committee appointment
  3. APMA member/state component endorsement

When determining who the APMAPAC will support, the following questions are considered.  Does the incumbent candidate support podiatric medicine's issues? Is he or she accessible to APMA members and lobbyists? If a candidate is a non-incumbent, was he or she supportive in the state or local governing structure? As an incumbent, does the candidate serve on a committee that has jurisdiction over federal health policy? And for both incumbents and non-incumbents, does the candidate have the backing of APMA members and/or the state component?

Why is Giving to APMAPAC Important?

Contributions given collectively have a strong impact and send a strong message.  While individual contributions to a candidate are also encouraged, giving through a unified political action committee has great power.  Because of the efforts of APMAPAC and its parent organization, APMA, the profession has gained a national presence as a political force in Washington, DC. 

Over the past several years, APMA has had many legislative successes and has been able to achieve these because of the support and participation of our members. APMA’s federal education and lobbying efforts have resulted in several significant legislative victories for the profession, including eligibility to opt out of Medicare; exemption from Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) accreditation requirements; exemption from DMEPOS surety bond requirements; inclusion in incentives for adopting health information technology (HIT); eligibility for e‐prescribing bonuses; eligibility for bonuses related to reporting Medicare quality measures (Physician Quality Reporting   Initiative); and inclusion and safeguarding of a provider non‐discrimination provision in health-reform legislation. 

How to Give to APMAPAC?

Please make a meaningful contribution today.  You can go to to make the contribution on line or call 877-451-1698.

PURPOSE: The American Podiatric Medical Association Political Action Committees purpose is to raise and disburse funds to candidates for Federal office that support the legislative priorities and goals of the podiatric medical profession.

Marlene Reid, DPM
APMAPAC Board of Directors
Past President, AAWP

 School Chapter Happenings

School Chapter Happenings

What Do You Think?

How often to students get to sit down in a social setting with seasoned podiatrists and ask for advice along with personal questions?  “How do you balance your career and family life?  What is your experience as a woman in what has historically been deemed a man’s profession (surgery)?  When is the right time to have children?”  Not very often!

 The California School of Podiatric Medicine (CSPM) and it’s  AAWP student chapter held our annual dinner on October 25th.  We invited local podiatrists to join us for a social hour, silent auction, dinner and a panel discussion.  On our panel we hosted four local bay area Podiatrists, Dr Jenny Yu, Dr Christy King, Dr Naleen Prasad, Dr. Ekta Shah.  Each has a unique background which yielded a variety of advice and information for students to ponder.  Questions came from current students, faculty, and staff.  Discussions included their experiences as women in the Podiatric medicine profession:

  • Family and how they fit into such a demanding profession, what pressures are felt
  • Experiences with gender bias in training, residency, interviews, and in your practice(s)
  • Training experiences as females in a surgical profession
  • How you found your first job/practice

With clerkship applications on the horizon, and a large portion of third year students in attendance, there were several questions about how to decide where to go for the  4th year, how to find the right programs, what to look for, how to prepare, what to plan for and when is the best time to start a family as we spend 7-8 years training for our careers.

The event was an opportunity for students to network and socialize with local podiatrists, as well as an educational tool for our students to ask those questions that we struggle to find an appropriate venue to bring them forward. We feel the event was a great success and thank CSPM, AAWP and Samuel Merritt for their support and encouragement.  A special thank you to the APMSA CAB Committee for awarding our club with a grant that allowed us to finance this event.  We are especially thankful to the Podiatrists who joined us and shared their stories, experience and advice to help our students work through the many challenges ahead as students and as women in Podiatric medicine.

Tara L. Harrington, MHA, MBA
CSPM AAWP Student Chapter President
DPM Candidate 2015

Save The Date

AAWP Spa Conference
April 26-28, 2013
Biltmore Resort
Coral Gables, FL

Conference Chair:
Aparna Duggirala-Deroy, DPM

Scientific Chair:
Kathy Satterfield, DPM

AAWP Spa Conference

AAWP Spa Conference is back by popular demand.  We are excited to announce that the Biltmore Resort in Coral Gables, Florida will be the location of Spa Conference.  The Biltmore, a four-diamond hotel, showcases championship golf, cosmopolitan dining, a luxury spa and the finest accommodations.  It has been a favorite of world leaders, celebrities and sports stars since its opening in the 1920’s.  The resort is set on a lush and tropical landscape in the exclusive Coral Gables area, minutes from world class shopping, South Beach, downtown Miami, and Coconut Grove. 


  • Encompass didactic lectures in a relaxed setting
  • Up to 15 CECCH
  • Wine Reception
  • Presidents Luncheon
  • Spa discounts

If interested in being on the speaker panel, please contact Dr. Kathy Satterfield at  For exhibitor information please contact Dr. Alison Garten at

We hope that you enjoyed our fall newsletter and will consider attending the AAWP SPA Conference in April of 2013!
If anyone would like to submit an article for the next newsletter, please contact me at

If you would like to help the AAWP board prepare for the conference please contact any of  the board members!

Elizabeth G. Bass, DPM, FACFAS

Elizabeth G. Bass, DPM, FACFAS
American Association of Women Podiatrists

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