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AAWP Newsletter Spring 2015  


President's Message

Our previous newsletter and Facebook dialogue provoked much needed conversation about part-time practitioners unable to afford membership to APMA, and therefore AAWP.  As a result, we approached APMA membership committee with our concerns.  We had a productive discussion with the membership committee at the APMA House of Delegates Meeting with regards to enabling part-time practitioners to join our organizations.  Although there is a hardship category called 5.4 (see our outline of various APMA Membership categories later in this newsletter), we concluded that this category did not appropriately allow part-time practitioners the capacity to join.  In addition, 5.4 component criteria are defined by each state and there is no consistency or oversight by APMA.

In the coming months, AAWP, headed by Dr. Erika Schwartz, will work with the Membership committee in putting forth a proposition that will enable more part-time practitioners to qualify for 5.4. 

We hope to streamline the category 5.4 and better define the parameters.  As the proposition goes forward as a Resolution to House of Delegates in 2016, we will need the support of our members as well as state delegations.  A more inclusive category will result in more practitioners taking the opportunity to become members of important national organizations such as APMA and AAWP. 

I welcome discussion on the subject from you, our members.  You can contact me through email at or comment on our Facebook page at American Association for Women Podiatrists (AAWP).

Aparna Duggirala, DPM
AAWP President

Welcome New Members!

Naghmeh Khavari - Texas

Brandi Kimble, DPM - Rhode Island

Priya Parthasarathy - Washington DC

Joseph Gregory Stilwell - Colorado

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FYI: APMA Membership Categories (Excerpted from APMA News, February 2015)
  • Postgraduate: A DPM who is serving as a resident, fellow, or who is a full-time postgraduate student, or a graduate, who, during the first year following graduation, has not entered practice or been admitted to a residency program.
  • Associate: Available to DPMs who have been in practice for fewer than 5 years. Associates pay a lower national annual dues rate than Active members.
  • Active: A DPM who has been in practice for more than five years.
  • Non-Practicing: A DPM who has not been engaged in practice or in the dispensing of podiatric medical services for a minimum of one year (due to taking care of a family member who is ill, raising a family, etc.).
  • Faculty: A licensed DPM who is engaged primarily in a teaching or research position at a college of podiatric medicine, medical school or academic health science center.
  • Senior: A DPM who has reached the age of 62, or has been forced to curtail his or her practice because of illness, and is actively engaged in practice for no more than 20 hours per week, and has been an APMA member for 15 consecutive years.
  • 5.4 Status: A DPM for whom the payment of dues would constitute a hardship due to temporary physical disability, illness or other reasons as investigated and set forth by the component society. This status allows the member to be excused from payment of both component and national dues (all or a portion), for the current fiscal year.
  • Disabled: A DPM who is disabled, and for whom the payment of dues would constitute a hardship. "Disabled" shall mean total disability that continuously prevents the member from carrying out substantial and material professional duties. Such members must be under the care of a physician, other than him- or herself, and may not derive any income or profit from any activity as a DPM.
  • Affiliate/International: A DPM practicing in any country other than the United States who is a graduate of a CPME-accredited college of podiatric medicine, or a practitioner of any country, other than the United States, who devotes a substantial portion of his or her practice to the medical and/or surgical care of the foot and is not a DPM.
  • Federal Services Member: A licensed DPM whose sole employment in the field of podiatric medicine is in the Federal Services.
  • Life: There are three ways a DPM may qualify for life membership:
    1. has maintained APMA Membership for a minimum of 15 consecutive years and is at least 65 years of age and completely retired from practice.
    2. has maintained APMA Membership for a minimum of 25 consecutive years and is completely retired from practice. No minimum age requirement; or
    3. has maintained APMA Membership for a minimum of 50 consecutive years. No minimum age requirement and the DPM may still be in practice.
Summer Foot Tips for Your Patients By Sabrina Minhas, DPM

Foot care needs can change depending on the season that we are in, and it is important to recognize temperature changes and the effects that they can have on pedal health.

Summer Feet:

  • With the increase in temperature and humidity in the summer, one tends to sweat more so changing one's socks often is important.
  • Be careful with wearing flimsy flip-flops: they don't provide support for your feet and can cause pain if worn for too long.
  • Be cautious about going barefoot in public places such as swimming pools and hot tubs as one can pick up athletes foot fungus or even onychomycosis. Make sure to wear pool shoes as much as you can. Also be wary of going barefoot on a beach as one can sustain a puncture wound injury if not careful in the sand.
  • Feet can get skin cancer as well!  People are not always careful to check their feet for dark spots or suspicious areas, especially on the plantar aspects of their feet. Make sure to use sunscreen when out in the sun with toes and feet exposed.
  • Never go on to a hot porch or sun deck without shoes on to prevent blistering and possibly thermal burns on the plantar aspect of feet. Diabetics especially should remember to wear shoes at all times.
  • It’s important to keep hydrated in the summertime and to moisturize your feet, especially if you are prone to dry skin and cracking.

Overall, it is a good idea to check your feet daily and keep the skin hydrated. Regular visits to your podiatrists are important as well to promote pedal health.

APMA National 2015 Orlando, Florida

Join us for our AAWP Small Panel Discussion, Achieving Better Outcomes: The Unique Anatomical, Biomechanical, and Hormonal Issues in Female Patients  on Friday, July 24 from 3:30 to 5:30. Also stay tuned for information via email regarding our Annual Membership Meeting at the APMA National!

AAWP Spa Conference 2016

AAWP is proud to announce the planning of our next Spa Conference. Fall 2016 will find us in Naples, Florida! Exact locations and details to be revealed soon! Anyone interested in assisting in the planning of this conference can contact Dr. Jennifer Spector, Conference Chair at and Dr. Erika Schwartz, Scientific Chair, at

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Student Chapter News

On March 1st, the California School of Podiatric Medicine Sports Medicine (CSPMSM) and American Association of Women’s Podiatrists (AAWP) clubs teamed up to provide podiatry first aid at the Napa Valley Marathon. A group of 17 students were led by Drs. Timothy Dutra, and Sky Shanks served at both the finish line medical tent and at the various aid stations along the course. It was a great experience that allowed the students to see and treat injuries unique to endurance athletes.

From PM News, March 28, 2015

AAWP is now accepting submissions for consideration of inclusion in future newsletters. Articles in  academic, political, social and practice management topics will be considered, along with others as well. Please submit ideas or articles to Dr. Jennifer Spector at

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